Tofu Tacos

Prep Time

10-15 min.

Prep Notes

Tacos are my favorite dinner that my husband usually whips up for me. Tonight I helped him make it by chopping up some of the toppings while he seasoned the scrambled tofu. Tacos are super messy but SO worth it! They are just such a fun food to eat. 

Cooking Time

30 min.


When choosing ingredients for any recipe, it is extremely important to ensure the quality of each ingredient you use to optimize the health of your dish. While tacos may not be the healthiest food to eat and are just a fun meal to enjoy, you want to stick to healthy choices for ingredients. I will share with you some of my favorite brands of ingredients when we make our tacos.

  • Organic taco shells (Recommended Brands: Garden of Eatin'®, Bearitos®, Trader Joe's®)
  • Extra firm tofu
  • Taco seasoning (Recommended Brands: Frontera®, Riega®, Simply Organic®)
  • Garlic cloves 4-5
  • 1/4 of a yellow onion
  • small bunch of chopped fresh spinach
  • small bunch of chopped cilantro 
  • himalayan or sea salt to taste
  • coconut oil
  • diced avocado
  • cooked rice


  • Just Mayo ® 
  • Tabasco ®


  1. Start cooking your choice of rice in your rice cooker
  2. Drain water from tofu and pat tofu block with paper towels or a dry towel to remove most of the water from the tofu
  3. In a frying pan, add coconut oil and turn on the burner to medium heat
  4. Place the block of tofu in the frying pan and use a fork to break it down until it looks like crumbled beef or scrambled eggs
  5. Mix in taco seasoning and sauté until it starts to turn golden or a little crispy
  6. Chop up other ingredients while the tofu is sautéing
  7. Place taco shells in oven for the time recommended on the box
  8. Layer your ingredients to your preference in your taco shell and optionally top with Just Mayo® & hot sauce ;)
  9. ENJOY!