My Letter to Cosmopolitan's Mom-Shamer

I was very disappointed after reading the opinion piece from Cosmopolitan called, People Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids Are Selfish, written by Jinny Suh. If the title doesn’t say it all, it is a piece completely mom-shaming those who choose not to vaccinate their children claiming that those who make that decision “don’t seem to care that they are damaging public health”.

First of all, I want to say that any piece written to mom-shame is despicable and that there are better ways to postulate your opinion without tearing other women down and attacking them with scare tactics and calling them selfish. Jinny Suh, I’m glad you have two degrees in biology but I also want to point out that most parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are of higher socioeconomic status, making a salary of over $70,000 annually, and are highly educated so your reference to these parents getting their degrees from “Google University” is irrelevant. The fact is that there are many parents, experts, and educators who also have degrees and education similar to or higher than yours and simply have a difference of opinion that obviously threatens you.

It was very hard for me to take you seriously after you said how you are such a supportive person to other parents and how people who know you know you are not one to tear others down, but that's exactly what you did in your article. You also attack people of religious groups by saying, “I mean the parents who are purposely turning down vaccines for a myriad of non-medical reasons. I know it’s a touchy subject, but it’s time to stop acting like not vaccinating is a parenting decision that shouldn’t be judged and call it out for what it is. It’s selfish.” Are you referring to those with religious exemptions? I’m not sure why you think it is okay to attack people for their religious beliefs. Some religions have very strict diets and need to eat very clean foods and abstain from other foods that are considered unclean. If this is the case with certain foods, some people who follow these religious beliefs also believe that it is sinful and not okay to inject aborted fetal tissue (human DNA) into their bloodstream. I don’t think it is up to you to decide if this religious belief is selfish or not.

You go on to say that vaccines are safe and effective. There is no doubt that vaccines have saved many lives but just as there are studies showing the safety of vaccines, there are well-documented studies showing the risks involved in vaccines. Like this one. And this one. And this one. Also, if vaccines were completely regarded as safe, there would not be a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, where many people injured from vaccines are being compensated. Take a look at this recent monthly statistic report from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for yourself where it shows compensations for vaccine injury, even death.

Vaccine Compensation
It is completely irresponsible to state that vaccines are safe and effective to support your opinion without looking at the well-documented risks associated with vaccines.

It is also notable to look at how the study that most people often refer to as showing no evidence that receiving vaccines on time during infancy is associated with any developmental delays was a study done on children who were born between 1993 and 1997 and the vaccine schedule has since then doubled on the amount of doses recommended. There are NO studies showing the safety of the current vaccine schedule, which is why parents are wary of the lack of science and opt to not vaccinate until science can prove otherwise.

Parents are also concerned about the lack of education doctors receive in medical school regarding the ingredients in vaccines and how these ingredients affect the body. Many ingredients in vaccines have been shown to impair many cell structures and functions. Parents are concerned about the lack of science that show the synergistic effects of the ingredients in vaccines. Let’s go over some ingredients in vaccines:
  • Formaldehyde - a known carcinogen, linked to leukemia in children, and can be broken down when eaten but can remain in its whole form when injected
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - common food additive, excitotoxin, contributes to nerve damage and seizures
  • Substrates (material that the vaccine grows in) - this material can range from a chicken embryo, aborted fetal tissue (human DNA) called diploid cells, monkey or dog kidney cells, and many more
  • Glyphosate - World Health Organization (WHO) declared this as a probable carcinogen and is being found on certain substrates of vaccines, slowly erodes health over time, damages the brain and gut
  • Polysorbate 80 - used as an emulsifier, opens the blood brain barrier and no one knows if this affects other ingredients in vaccines getting into the brain
  • Aluminum - used as an adjuvant, highly neurotoxic (While FDA states the safe amount is 5 mcg/kg, the Hib vaccines contains 225mcg, Hepititis B contains 250mcg, DTaP contains 170 to 625mcg)
  • Thimerosal - contains mercury (a highly toxic heavy metal), study shows thimerosal at 1PPB is toxic to neurons
Parents are concerned about the effects of the combination of some of these toxic ingredients that have never been tested for safety in the doses they are currently giving in vaccines and I don’t think that is selfish. It would be advisable to study the synergistic effects of these ingredients in vaccines since chronic illness is on the rise and we don’t know if these ingredients are getting into the brain. 1 in 6 children have a neurodevelopmental disability. 1 in 50 have Autism. 1 in 10 have ADHD. 1 in 20 (below the age of 5) have seizures.

Autism is known to be an inflammatory condition in the brain. Since there are no studies testing the synergistic effects of these ingredients and their ability to pass through the blood brain barrier, it would be concerning to parents with children with Autism who watch them regress after vaccination. I don’t find this to be selfish. It has also been shown before vaccines that contracting measles and mumps close enough in time to each other can cause irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), so it is concerning that combining measles and mumps in the MMR vaccine may cause gastrointestinal issues, which are also common among children with Autism. I also find it insulting that you say, “And by the way, these misinformed parents seem totally unconcerned with the message they are sending to people on the spectrum: “I’d rather risk my child contracting a debilitating or fatal disease than take a chance that he’ll be like you.” This can’t be any further from the truth. Most parents of children with Autism vaccinated their children because they believed in the system and experienced a negative adverse reaction that caused them to question vaccines. Most parents of children with Autism wish they didn’t have to question vaccines. Most of all, most parents of children with Autism would never wish Autism on anyone and not because they don’t love their child just the way they are (because believe me they do) but because they see how much their child suffers when they struggle to communicate, when they can’t physically do things other children their age are able to do, when they wake up in the middle of the night struggling to breathe because of their sleep apnea, how they struggle with gastrointestinal issues, how they might go into a seizure, how they might self-inflict pain with headbanging or biting themselves, how they have meltdowns because they can’t possibly grasp simple or normal concepts, how they struggle every single day because they are trapped inside a body damaged by an overload of toxins, or all the other issues a child with Autism may face depending on the child. You may not be a mom of children with Autism so you may not go through that with your child but some of these parents you call “selfish” do.


Oh, and then I was disappointed with where you took this whole “white privilege” idea where you stated that “a majority of parents who don’t vaccinate are white and wealthy, that this is not the first privileged move they’ve made. These parents assume enough other people will get vaccinated and therefore their own kids will probably be fine if they don’t. They’re willing to chance it because they either believe their children are better than others and won’t get sick, or their money can help them buy the best medical care and successfully treat any vaccine-preventable disease.” If you are trying to advocate for low-income minority groups in this paragraph, I am not so sure you are not doing a good job as the CDC is subject of fraud regarding throwing away vital scientific information that links the MMR vaccine with Autism in African American boys. We know that government has not been innocent in the past such as the Tuskegee study, Flint Michigan crisis, and so on… so would it be impossible for there to be corruption regarding the vaccine controversy? I am not saying I’m right but wouldn’t it be something to look into before stigmatizing a group of people as selfish?

Finally, my question is… if your children have been vaccinated, why are you so fearful that your children are at risk if other children are not vaccinated? By definition, if a person develops a positive antibody response following a vaccination, then that vaccination is considered to be successful and that person is considered to be immune to that disease. Did you also know that a vaccinated child poses a risk to anyone that child comes into contact with through what is called "vaccine shedding" within up to 37 days of being vaccinated? Most of the mumps outbreaks in 2013 were in fully vaccinated communities where vaccine shedding was the cause of the mumps outbreak among the population. Merck was actually sued for creating a vaccine for mumps that in turn caused mumps. I am just having a hard time understanding your logic and fear which caused you to call parents who don’t vaccinate their children selfish.

My point is, there are benefits to vaccines but also risks. Parents who choose to analyze the risks as an important part of their decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate is an important part of the process. After World War II, the Nuremberg Code included that “voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”. The bottom line is medical interventions must ALWAYS be a choice. Informed consent is the best thing we can do for our children and no one is selfish for the choices they make based on their research, belief system, and personal decisions.

Last but not least, I am a mom of twin boys with Autism and yes, I took your article personally and no, I am not misinformed or selfish. I do not blame you for your radical views but only wish for you to hear out mine, and many others similar to mine. Take care, and God bless.




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Habits for the Soul
Habits for the Soul
Thank you all so much for the love and support. I appreciate it beyond words. There have been many more articles than just this one in Cosmopolitan shaming parents who do not vaccinate their children and that is NOT okay. We need to continue to speak up in order to protect our children and our human individual rights. I will not be silenced.
Well spoke
As an EX-vaxxer, I fully support informed consent and the right to refuse medical care. There is this "noble idea" that you vaccinate to protect others who can't. But there is a small, but an obvious detail that is being overlooked. Immune systems are for personal use only. Your immunity to disease does not protect me, the girl who can't be vaccinated because of a severe life-threatening reaction. in case you missed it the first time: Immune systems are for personal use only. Your immune system will not jump out of your body and shield me from measles. (Now you know how ridiculous herd immunity myth is.) Please do not vaccinate your children because you think you are protecting me and others like me from measles or other diseases. DO NOT risk your healthy child because someone tells you it will protect someone who can't be vaccinated because your kid could be the next causality of unavoidably unsafe vaccines.
very informative, love the article, GREAT JOB!
Thank you for having the courage to do the research & to tell the whole story. The current vaccine schedule has NEVER been studied & is therefore experimental science. It is definitely not selfish to refuse to allow your child to be a guinea pig. That said, I understand the fear & pressure surrounding the decision to vaccinate. The AMA ethical code states that medical procedures must be preceded by informed consent & must be elective. Whatever side you are on..we are all pro-children & should stand in solidarity to demand safe, clean vaccines & the protection of constitutional rights in declining vaccines.
YESSS!!! well said, you're a strong, proud, educated mom who deserves to be heard!
get em sisterrrrr????