My First Midwife Appointment Experience

Earlier this week, I had my first official midwife appointment! I had gone to a group orientation back in July, which is where I first fell in love with this midwife group but this was my first real appointment getting down to baby business! Up until this appointment, I had confirmed my pregnancy with an OB and went for an early 9 week ultrasound (mostly because I wanted to confirm that there was only one baby this time). I was curious to compare and contract my experience this time with an OB and my midwife group so I scheduled my 11 week appointment with my OB and with the midwives on the same day!

I started the day with my OB appointment. It was a short appointment but I didn't expect a very long appointment since I'm still somewhat early on in my pregnancy. My OB tried to listen to the baby's heart beat without any success. He commented and said that if we did hear the baby's heart beat that that would've been the earliest he's ever heard the heart beat. Whether that was true or not, I wasn't too concerned because I felt healthy and felt like I would know if something was wrong with the baby or not. I told him that I was looking to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section) and he asked me a couple questions. He concluded that I don't qualify as a candidate for a VBAC through his practice but he gave me a number for an OB that delivered his wife's baby, who might accept me as a VBAC patient. I told him about my interest in the midwives and he wished me good luck if he didn't see me in 4 weeks at my next appointment. He ordered the typical pregnancy blood work for me to get done at a lab before my next appointment if I decided to stay with him and his practice. I was in and out of the office within 30 minutes, easy breezy.

I left my OB appointment and drove straight to my midwife appointment. I was completely blown away! It was everything I could ever want and more! I was so impressed!!

My mom and the boys had come with me to my OB appointment and had also come with me to the midwife appointment. My husband didn't come to the OB but was able to meet us at the midwives office. We all sat in the waiting room while the boys played with the toys provided. A dad sat across from us with his one week old newborn and 2 year old toddler. We made small talk and he told us how amazing his and his wife's experience was with the midwives and how his wife had a successful water birth at the nearby hospital. It was so nice to hear such positive feedback. He then proceeded to pull out a Larabar for his 2 year old to eat as a snack, which made me giggle because those are such a healthy snack for a 2 year old and definitely something I would bring along for my kids. 

The midwife called us in for our appointment so Carlo (my husband) and I left the boys and my mom in the waiting room and we followed her into the room. It was such a cozy little room with an actual full size bed that we were able to comfortably sit on for my appointment. We talked for about 40 minutes about my health history, my past pregnancy, my expectations for this pregnancy, my desire for a VBAC, exercise recommendations, nutrition recommendations, and she allowed me time to ask any question I had for her to answer.

After we were done with all the talking, she asked me to lie down on the bed so we could hear the baby's heart beat. She used the same machine that my OB had used earlier and she, too, had a hard time finding the heart beat. I didn't tell her just yet that my OB had tried to hear it earlier. She tried relentlessly to find the heart beat and even asked me to relieve my bladder so that it may be easier to hear. She was still unsuccessful in finding the heart beat and while she was still trying to find it, I told her how the OB earlier hadn't found it either and that he said it would have been the earliest he ever heard it. She chuckled a bit and said that she is usually able to hear it this early and sometimes even earlier. She was determined to hear the baby's heart beat so she asked me if it would be okay to relocate to another room, which was a little bit more medically set up with a normal doctor chair so that she could see where my uterus was located. I agreed and we proceeded to locate my uterus. As soon as she found it, she had a senior midwife come in and check for the heart beat. We had honestly spent a good 35 minutes trying to find the baby's heart beat from the beginning and the senior midwife was finally able to find it! Such a wonderful sound!! The senior midwife said that because of the baby's heart rate, she was predicting from an old wive's tale that we were having a boy! Haha!

I was then brought into the "lab room" to get my blood drawn for all the typical pregnancy blood work and I was sent on my way. They scheduled my next appointment in 4 weeks just as the OB had done. It was so convenient that I was able to get my blood work done in the office!

I spent about 2 hours at my first midwife appointment, which seems like a rather long time for an appointment but I honestly felt so well taken care of. I felt like the midwife had taken so much time trying to get to know me and my husband so that she could give us the best care. I didn't ask her to find the heart beat but she took it upon herself to make it happen for us, which was such a beautiful gift to hear. I felt like I was in such good hands and felt welcomed by the entire staff. I wish every doctor's appointment could be as comforting as this one was!

To say the least, I won't be returning to my OB and not because he wasn't a good physician but because I prefer the care I received with the midwives. It was truly a magical experience and I believe every patient deserves to feel that way, especially my fellow pregnant mamas. I, personally, want to make a VBAC a priority for this pregnancy and I am so happy to have that choice and options for my pregnancy. I am so excited to be accepted into the midwives office as their patient and look forward to my journey with them!!!


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